Add Freeze Dried Grass to Your Booking

When your bunny or guinea-pig comes to stay with us we'll provide them with their usual dried food (where stocked), daily fresh vegetables and ample good quality hay.

You can now buy a bag of freeze dried grass from us which we will feed to your pet/s during they stay (and they can take home any leftovers of course!).  We always keep a bulk supply of a premium brand in stock (such as Readigrass, Just Grass or Graze-on) and have prepared smaller 500g bags for you to purchase at the cost of £2 per bag.  500g is about 7 big handfuls and is sufficient for a one week stay for one pet.  You can request freeze dried grass via our online booking form or ask at check in.

Freeze dried grass is suitable for both rabbits and guinea-pigs and is a 100% natural treat with a fragrant aroma, vibrant colour and high nutritional value.  It is naturally high in calcium and is recommended as a supplimentary food to be fed in smaller amounts alongside ample hay (rather than as a subsitute for hay itself) which is the most important part of your pet's diet.



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